Coronavirus Blues!

If you’re having to self -isolate and as we have all been advised to stay away from all things fun (!) like eating out, bars, pubs, theatres and large gatherings, you may begin to go slightly doolally.

If you’re in need of something relaxing to do at home apart from the usual suspects of TV and reading books then here’s a suggestion. Get a sheet of paper and a pencil and SKETCH SOMETHING. Something from your fruit bowl, the view from your window, an image from a book or draw your pet or your partner. It is SO relaxing, it’s cheap (just paper and pencil that’s it) it’s easy to find an image to draw and it’s a brilliant distraction from all the shite that’s going on in the world with Covid-19.

I believed that I was so poor at drawing when I was at school I just gave up on it. I imagine many other kids and young people do the same and then it feels so alien later in life that we never pick up a crayon, pencil or paintbrush again. But it’s not about recreating an exact replica of something; it’s about having fun and it’s about your interpretation. It doesn’t matter what the result is, it’s probably not going to end up in Tate Modern. One thing I found really useful was flipping an image of something you want to draw upside down (!) and it’s remarkable how much less daunting it then seems to draw a face or a body.

Below is the original drawing of Raphael’s David, underneath it is the one I tried to draw. Ok it’s not great at all, but I had such fun giving it a go. What have you got to lose! Enjoy and stay safe. Love Nicole

Original of Raphael’s David
My Drawing of Raphael’s David

For sale! NEW Golden Spiral Brighton Photo!

Golden Spiral
Golden Spiral

Hope you like my new illustration/photograph of Brighton’s stunning Golden Spiral which stands next to the i360. It is made up of the remains of the West Pier that was tragically burned down in a fire over 30 years ago.

New Art by Nicole Carman

Big Wheel and Pier Brighton
Big Wheel and Pier Brighton

I’m very excited to be launching a brand new set of Brighton prints available to buy now, Autumn 2019. In addition to my photography, I have begun to create my own illustrations and screen printing techniques. I really love the texture of these images and the subtle layers of colour that build up.

LEST WE FORGET – in memory of those that gave their lives in the First World War

My tribute to all those that gave their lives for us in the Great War of 1914-1918.  Armistice 100 years 11th November 2018.

armistice, world war 1, the great war, fallen soldiers, lest we forget


Brighton Royal Pavilion

Meghan and Harry visit

My drawing of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

Brighton Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is my favourite building in Brighton. I love the shape, based on the Taj Mahal in India and the intricate detail. This artwork is my pencil drawing which I then washed over in blues and added some pink and purple hues as well.

NEW photo montage of West Pier through beach sculpture

Brighton West Pier Murmuration

Brighton Beach Pier Murmuration

Brighton Beach Pier Murmuration

Brighton Big Wheel and Lollipop – BRAND NEW IMAGE!

Just finished my image of our lovely Brighton Big Wheel that sadly was taken down. Hope you like it!

It’s a mixture of two photographs – one is the big wheel itself which sat on the edge of the beach;  the other is the wheel seen in the reflection of a shop on the pier that sells Brighton Rock,  candy floss, flying saucers and other sugary delights including the big striped lollipop!



Nicole Carman Photography on Google Maps in Hove, East Sussex

You can now find Nicole Carman Photography on Google Maps in Hove, East Sussex. I am now listed under ‘Local Brighton Photographers’ on Brunswick Place in central Hove.

Take a look below at just a small sample of my work available to buy from my studio in Hove or online via my new website: Brighton and Hove Photos

Don’t hesitate to call me if you’d like some advice or you’d like to pop by and browse my work.

Life is Sweet in Brighton

Life is Sweet in Brighton by Nicole Carman

Nicole Carman Photography App using Portfolio Pro

Having an app on a tablet is a fantastic way for photographers to showcase their work – without having to carry a big portfolio around with them. The only app I love and use is called PORTFOLIO PRO and is available to download in the App Store. Check it out at PORTFOLIO PRO

West Pier through Sweetshop, Brighton

West Pier through Sweetshop, Brighton

Nicole Carman Photography at Brighton and Hove Photos is NOW on Google Maps

I just received a verification letter from GOOGLE telling me that I am now officially on Google maps, listed as my new business Brighton and Hove Photos

I am located on Brunswick Place in the very centre of Hove but you can also buy my photographs directly with a simple click on Brighton and Hove Photos

Here are some of my lovely winter photos:

West Pier in Lamplight by Nicole Carman

West Pier in Lamplight by Nicole Carman

Magical West Pier, Brighton by Nicole Carman

Magical West Pier, Brighton by Nicole Carman